Now that the New Jersey Nets have backed out of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes (would you go to New Jersey?), the Knicks need to do whatever it takes to get the Nuggets All-Star.


It's my NBA theory of Sinkativity.  You need a Hall of Famer alongside two All-Stars to win an NBA title.  Look it up - that’s what it takes to win a title.  Only 2004 Detroit breaks that mold (but they had 5 All-Stars on that team).

Amar’e is a great All-Pro and he’s in the running for league MVP but he needs help.  He can’t be counted on to score 30 points a night.   If he doesn’t score 30, the Knicks have trouble winning games.


Anthony will get fans to come back to the Garden again.  He’ll sell more jerseys than Stoudemire.  He’s from the New York area.  He’s a local product.  The MSG seats would be sold out again on a regular basis – and not just when LeBron James comes to town. 

I don't care what you have to give up to get him.  As long as you don’t trade Felton and Stoudamire, make the deal.  Landry Fields: see ya!  Wilson Chandler: outta here! Danilo Galinari: I don’t know what his value to other teams would be, but have a nice day, you'd be traded too.

Look at the Miami Heat – they have the Big 3 (and Mike Miller) and then everyone else.  They should get those guys and build around them.

It might be rough for a season or two, but finishing just above 500 and making the playoffs while you figure it all out is better than what’s gone on in the past, isn’t it?


What would the Knicks have to do to make it happen?  It would probably have to be a 3-team trade because Denver isn’t exactly high on enough of the Knicks players to get the deal done.  The Knicks need to send the Nuggets draft picks - picks they don't have right now but can certainly trade for and then ship to Denver for 'Melo.

Make it happen Knicks!