Well for some Knick fans that called my radio show Monday blaming the Knicks narrow-33 point loss narrow (sarcasm) on officials today you can lay blame on a fire extinguisher. Yes that naughty useless device that gets in the way of a mad basketball players hand. Bad fire extinguisher.

I actually took a couple of calls on the show-Game On with Bruce Jacobs (mon-fri on 1045 the team-espn radio) in Albany that blamed the zebras for getting the Knicks off their game. As laughable as that was I can't wait to see what is in store for today. Do we really need fire Extinguishers? Do they have to be in the path of a raging ball player? Are these barely used extinguishers really needed? can't they be moved? Oh this should be good.

Perhaps we can get a study done how many times these devices are used and how they cause injury...Thanks to Knick forward Amare Stoudemire we can get a history lesson on the use of fire extinguishers from the myopic Knick fans.

Stoudemire's lousy season hit rock bottom Monday night after the Knicks got beat by the Heat in game 2 of what will be a fast series 104-94 giving the Heat the 1st 2 of this best of 7 series. Only a die hard Knicks fan and or a total homer thinks the Knicks have a chance to win this series.

Stoudemire actually played a decent game when he wasn't standing around doing nothing, scoring 18 points and grabbing 7 boards. However as he was leaving the court Amare, whose season has been beset by failure and personal tragedy decided to take his frustration out not on the Heat but a fire extinguisher, smashing the glass with his hand, gashing the hand to the tune of  a  sling and hand wrap and reportedly up to 15 stitches.  Amare was seen walking toward the bus departing the arena with arm in a sling and hand heavily wrapped. of course comments are scarce at this point as no one knows anything and a "cut' was suffered.

Stoudemire took to his twitter account to apologize to Knick fans for his baby tantrum, saying he was sorry in a late night tweet. Yes sorry for all you saps who pay big money to see the club. You just won't see Amare for at least game 3 and very possibly longer.

For Amare it has been a season unlike any other in his career. He isn't the focus of the offense, barely gets the ball, doesn't demand a double team anymore. Add up the injuries and the sudden and sad death of his older brother and well this is just the latest and last act of a bad season.

I wrote a few weeks back how the summer will be filled with who goes and who stays-Carmelo or Amare. This just adds to this pending debate.

Melo for his scoring prowess is no leader and thats just fact. Stoudemire can be lumped  into that catagory as well. Personally I am surprised how it has fallen apart for the 100 million dollar Knick. He rarely showed these signs with the Suns. I bet in Phoenix they are smirking today.

It should be noted how Amare was on fire last year and led the Knicks to a very solid record until Melo was aquired from Denver. Injuries and lack of spotlight led to his demise last year and this year just much of the same.

The Stat man I covered in Phoenix was a gifted player and not 1 who complained much or quit thus getting his coach fired. Effort was given every night and I still think he plays hard but many times he just dissapears and takes a back seat to ball hog Carmelo. How many games has Amare dominated this year?

I don't believe for whatever reason these 2 talents can play together. Neither is a bad guy but the mix doesn't work. However with 3 years left on his deal Stoudemire can't be traded and Anthony isn't going anywhere. Perhaps the lucky one is former coach Mike D'Antoni who was let go after Melo quit on him.

Carmelo clearly is no leader and yet he refuses to be anything else. Stoudemire has proven to be no leader and has happily taken a shadow role. The Knicks are finished. The fire extinguisher has seen to that!

Game 3 of this series is Thursday night and the venue switches to MSG. I am betting the fans will be siding with the fire utensil over the Stat man!

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