In a season built far more like a sprint than a marathon, the New York Mets may actually be a true contender. The Mets lineup seems to resemble an American League lineup way more than a National League roster. The implementation of a designated hitter for the NL and 102 less regular-season games might payoff for the Mets.

With resident Mets' fan Charlie Voelker sitting in for Tom Goz while Goz is on paternity leave we get to focus a little more on "the other New York team" on your home for New York Yankees baseball. New York Daily News Mets beat reporter Deesha Thosar called in to point out just what the realistic expectations of the Mets will be in this COVID-19 shortened season.

Thosar echoed the sentiment that this Mets team looks like it was lost constructed to take advantage of the universal DH rule for the 2020 season. She points out the usefulness that this role could play for a player returning from injury like a Yoenis Cespedes. On top of that, this is a pretty young team that will be able to feed off of the energy a guy like second-year first baseman Pete Alonso will provide.

Listen to Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News' full interview below.

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