Are the Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl contenders? After beating the Chiefs yesterday they look to be in that conversation now. Sal Pal covered the game and joined us to discuss. Listen above and read an excerpt below!

"Yes I believe you can (put them in the Super Bowl conversation) because I think Ja'Marr Chase is universally accepted as a special special talent who can go up and get the ball with very strong hands, great leaping ability, great body control, great route running and Joe Burrow can put it right on him."

Cincinnati proved to the CFP committee that a non-power 5 school, even with an undefeated record, can’t hang with the likes of an Alabama in the National semifinals. Michigan wasn’t much better against Georgia, witch was rather surprising. Both semifinal games were major disappointments to a bowl season, that produced many close games. Alabama against Georgia should be a good matchup in the National Champion game on Jan 10th. Let’s hope so.

With all due respect to CBS analyst Tony Romo whose considered at the top of is class, he’s no John Madden. There will never be another John Madden. Madden set the bar so high that it will be next to impossible to duplicate his success and popularity as a broadcaster in the NFL. Normally, I would say you don’t watch a game because of the announcers, that is unless your last name is Madden. He was one of kind who attracted even the casual NFL fan.

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