The Buffalo Bills may do the same thing in this years NFL draft that they have done in the last 2. That would be taking a running back. With the 30th overall picks it seems like there will be one of the top RB's available and that includes Travis Etienne from Clemson who the Bills seem to be favoring. Alabama's Najee Harris is in play as well but could be off the board as the Steelers are reportedly likely to take him. In 2019 the Bills took Devin Singletary in 3rd round from Florida Atlantic and last year took Zack Moss from Utah in the 3rd round. Singletary was impressive as a rookie as he rushed for 775 yards and while his numbers did not fall off too much in 2020 (his yards per carry decreased from 5.1 to 4.4), he was overall underwhelming. Zack Moss rushed for 481 yards and had 5 total touchdowns but battled injuries down the stretch.

Listen above to Matt Parrino explaining why Etienne would be a great pick for the Bills among other Buffalo questions. Some of the answers include:

  • The best answer for the Chiefs may not be a defense, it may be an equally good offense and improvement at running back would help with that.
  • If they go with defense in the first round, it could equally be an edge rusher or corner. The sweet spot in terms of draft value may be 35-80 so Brandon Beane may trade down.
  • The offensive line is in really good shape. The rewarded a lot of them who have had success so they have shored up protection for Josh Allen and really the offense is in tremendous shape.

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