Near disaster was avoided Tuesday night when a bus carrying the Womens Maine University Black Bears to a game against Boston University crashed  30 miles outside Boston. The reason for the accident is being investigated however it is thought that the bus driver suffered some sort of medical issue. The as of now unnamed bus driver was air lifted to a nearby hospital.

Reports say the bus had 22 other passengers on board. As of now there are no serious injuries to report on any member of the traveling squad.

Black Bears head coach Richard Barron suffered facial cuts from shattered glass. 2 players and the director of basketball operations were also taken to an area hospital for observation.

The sequence of events seems to be that the bus driver suffered a medical emergency. Whatever that emergency is it caused the bus to veer off the road 30 miles north of Boston. It is reported that the bus was heading south on interstate 95 around 8:30 P.M.. The bus veered into the northbound lane and went into a wooded area.

The Bears were headed to Boston to take on Boston in an America East conference game. No official information on the game is known at this time.

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