While the New York Mets are one of the hottest teams in MLB, it's the fans that should be taking a lot of credit as well, ESPN's Buster Olney told Armen and Levack. 

"If we were to rank the thirty best fans in baseball for 2015 and rank them in terms of their impact, which one would be number one? Its not arguable. It’s the Mets," said Olney, on 104.5 The Team.

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"They have had the biggest impact on their team and essentially bullied their team into spending some money and look it looks like they will win the division.

"The Nats are in real trouble because it looks like the three National League Central teams will go to the playoffs, the Cardinals running away with the division, the Pirates are in good shape, and the Cubs playing so well.

"If you are the Nationals and you want to go to the playoffs, you are probably going to have to beat the Mets.  And they don’t look like they will get caught.

"Last week, Jayson Werth was caught saying that it was their division to win. Jayson is a terrific guy and a great competitior, but he's dead wrong. It’s the Mets division to win now with their lead and how they are playing."

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