The Yankees went into the second half of the season three games ahead, in first place of the American League East and ESPN's Buster Olney told Armen and Levack just how good they are.

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"As they sit here today, they don’t have a glaring weakness at all," said Olney, last Thursday, on 104.5 The Team. "It’s not like you’re saying ‘Oh my goodness they need a starting pitcher, they need a bullpen piece, or they have a hole in their lineup.’

"They are going to try Rob Refsnyder here in the days to come and there expectation is that they feel like he is going to work out and be the guy and if he is not they’ll probably have some opportunities to make it better before the trade deadline."

And right when Yankee fans thought the news was over-the-top positive coming from Olney, he had one last tidbit:

"Out of the remaining games on the schedule, [the Yankees] only have 18 games against teams with records over .500 because they’ve finished their games with the Royals, they’ve finished their games against the Angels and that really bodes well."

According to Olney, the Yankees are 'in a pretty good spot'. And while he's right, the AL East should be a pretty tight race, all the way to the end.

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