Cameron Lyle may be an athlete, but he’s also a hero.

Lyle is a senior on the track and field team at the University of New Hampshire who will cut short his collegiate career so he can donate bone marrow to an unidentified recipient in order to save his life.

Lyle, who will donate the bone marrow on Wednesday, had his mouth swabbed while signing on to a registry two years ago, at which time he never thought much would come of it:

They told me it was a one in five million chance of me being a match for a non-family member.”

Well, sometimes long odds come through and that’s the case in this instance. Lyle will donate to a 28-year-old man battling leukemia. Legally, the pair must be anonymous to one another for a year. After that, we’re sure they’ll have a lot to talk about, should they choose to meet.

Lyle’s decision to donate means he will not be able to compete in the shot put in the upcoming America East Conference Championships. He has no regrets, though, about helping a complete stranger, saying, “He has six months to live and I have the possibility to buy him a couple more years.”

Lyle’s actions have won over those close to him, including his mother, who calls him “my hero” and his coach, who says, “I told him, you either do 12 throws at the conference championships, or you give another man a few more years. It was easy for me.”

Lyle's decision won't show up on any scorecard, which is unfortunate, because, like the shot put he throws, he sure seems like a guy who's going far.

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