The debate rages on. My radio show-Game On with Bruce Jacobs- Heard in the Capital Region Monday Through Friday 3-7pm, the show has taken much time to debate the fate of the Knicks. Should Carmelo be dealt. Is Amare another bad signing. Should Mike D'Antoni have been fired. Lots of frustration from Knick fans as another season goes down the tubes.

This ballclub that has spent more on salary then some 3rd world countries total budgets has lost a mind boggling 12 straight playoff games and frankly it is looking like a sweep at the hands of the Heat right now.

However maybe the Knicks have caught a break. The 3rd amigo Chris Bosh will likely miss the game tonight as he goes home for the birth of his new baby. That's what reports are saying now. Don't diminish Bosh. No he isn't Lebron or D Wade but he is a solid solid player and fits what the heat do perfectly.

If the Knicks are going to snap that igly skid, now tied with the Memphis Grizzlies for the longest losing streak in playoff history tonight seems to be the time. Carmelo Anthony should thrive. Without Amare Stoudemire he should get almost all the shots and that's what Melo really cares about foremost. No not winning but getting his shots. It will be boring isolation basketball with melo jacking up shots from all over. Hey if he is hot he can carry the Knicks to victory and the fans can fawn over him claiming this is the way the Knicks need to play.

I disagree with that opinion. I like Melo. He is clearly talented and a good guy just he cares more about playing his game then the team game. It's why the Heat will advance while Melo's Knicks go home. Is it any wonder why Melo's teams have advanced past the 1st round only once in his career. Don't want to dump only on Anthony. He is not the only problem. The coach Mike Woodsen is also a problem in my opinion. Allowing Melo to dominate the ball and play the isolation from the wing is hurting this club. I am totally convinced if D'Antoni was still the coach and his system was in play, while the Knicks aren't going to win the title this year they would have a bettre chance to advance. Heck if he werre the coach the Knicks would be the 6th seed with a better chance to move on. Truth be told either of these coaches unless a miracle happended weren't going to beat the Heat anyway.

However if Bosh is out tonight the Heat have no low post scoring and can free defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler to double James or even Wade. The Heat have no dangerous post option except Bosh.

So it's all set up for a big win for the Knicks tonight. Amare won't get any of Melo's shots cause he decided to play punch a fire extinguisher and Bosh probably won't play. Of course if melo is off tonight and the Knicks lose then tomorrow we can hear Anthony cry about how he has no help. The debate rages on