David Fizdale got a raw deal in Memphis, but the circumstances under which he was fired is becoming more the norm in the NBA. If head coach and star player aren't getting along, it's the former who is shown the door not the latter.

After leading the Grizzlies to playoffs in his one full season in Memphis, Fizdale was fired after a 7-12 start and a publicized benching of Marc Gaso during year two. Now, Fiz gets a fresh start with a franchise that so desperately needs to "get it right."

Most of Phil Jackson's follies have been erased from the current day Knicks and Fizdale's reputation in the league hardly took a hit because of what happened with Gasol. To boost his status as a favorite among star players, Fizdale admitted to mistakes he feels he made as a first-time head coach. That, along with a declaration of dedication to defense, came during his Knicks introductory press conference.

MSG reporter and analyst Alan Hahn joined Big Board Sports to give his first impressions of the new head coach with the Knicks:

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