The New York Yankees have had quite the failure of a season.  They have been a below .500 team now for a few weeks and it continues to be very painful to watch them on a consistent basis.  Outside of Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Volpe, and the bullpen here and there, nobody else has stepped up on their team at all.  Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone both need to go but reports are coming per SNY and other sources that both are likely to return to the Yankees for the 2024 season.  This team won't make any significant changes at all and this week they finally let go of Josh Donaldson who was absolutely dreadful.  They also put Harrison Bader on waivers but he hasn't been picked up yet.

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It has been a rough season for die hard Yankee fans like my partner in MJ.  The expectations are always so high around this team and they have surprised and frustrated virtually all of their fans by their poor play.  I will say there is promise in these young prospects that they are calling up including Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells.  The Yankees have to get younger and change their ways.

The AL East in only getting better as the Orioles have the best farm system in all of Major League Baseball.  The Yankee players also have to step up too but this 2023-24 offseason will feature a lot more questions surrounding the organization for the first time in a while.  I really hope the Yankees make some significant changes.

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