The new NHL proposal that has been approved and is ready to go. To dive deep into how the NHL is coming back, we talked with Greg Wyshynski, NHL Senior Writer from ESPN. A lot of interesting questions to ask about the plan but mainly has the horse gotten to far ahead of the carriage? Listen above to hear what Greg thinks!

I will give NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman a ton of credit. The minute the pandemic hit, he started formulating a plan and he made it clear that the NHL would eventually return. Although it still might not happen, a plan is in place and that’s more than you can say for Major League Baseball and the NBA.

A 24 team format is perfect, because it gives a team like the Rangers a chance to make a run at a Stanley Cup Title. Good for Bettman, and now let’s see if fellow commissioners Adam Silver and Rob Manfred can figure it out too

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