The 2021 Capital Region Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021 was announced this morning on Big Board Sports. Nick Fitzgerald the President of the CDHOF announced the names on the program. In a press release, they summed up the character of this class:

Sixteen players, six coaches, two officials, a long-time media members and the 1972 Shenendehowa Plainsmen championship team make up the Capital Region Football Hall of Fame class of 2021, the 11th class of former Section 2 greats.

“We are so pleased to be able to celebrate the fantastic careers of these Capital Region high school greats,” said Nick Fitzgerald, Hall of Fame president. “The depth of this class, with more than a dozen schools represented, really shows how widespread the talent is in our area. We look forward to welcoming back these legends and their families.”

To hear Fitzgerald announce all of the names in the class, make sure to listen to our full interview above.

It’s hard to believe that Yankee manager Aaron Boone gave Aaron Judge Wednesday off when Shohei Ohtani was pitching for the Los Angeles Angles. Too bad for the fans, who all wanted to see the showdown between two Super Star players. If Judge were hurt you could understand the decision, but Judge is not hurt. It’s not a good look for the Yankees who beat the Angels 11-5 on Tuesday night and Judge played the whole game. Why didn’t Judge rest on Tuesday and play on Wednesday? Fans deserved to see Judge against Otani, and unfortunately it never happened.

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