Barry Melrose is one of many picking the New York Islanders to win the Stanley Cup this season. Melrose is the face of NHL on ESPN and with games returning to the Worldwide Leader, he could not be more pumped up. The campus is too as he details above as well as answering all the NHL questions we had. Make sure to listen as well as read what he had to say about the Isles below:

"They got away from their game the first couple games of the season and they weren't nearly as good. Last night they were a mean nasty bunch, a lot of physical play, a couple scraps, a lot of scrums. That is how the Islanders have to play. If they play like that with their defensive systems and schemes, they are going to be very tough to play against."

I had no problem with Buffalo Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott going for the win instead of trying to force overtime at Tennessee on Monday. The Bills needed less than a yard to set up a first and goal, and you have 6’5 240 pound Josh Allen at quarterback who likes to run. If Allen doesn’t slip the Bills are celebrating a win, instead McDermott is being second guessed. If McDermott decided to kick a game tying field goal, but then loses in overtime, fans would also be second guessing McDermott. At the end of the game, the Bills are still one of the teams in the NFL, and one loss against the Titans is not that big of a deal. I like the confidence McDermott showed in his offense with the game on the line.

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