We have been fortunate to have a pretty good streak of baseball greats joining the show recently and that is thanks to the NY State Baseball Hall of Fame! In November this year Lou Piniella will be inducted into the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame along with his teammate Goose Gossage!

When I say that Sweet Lou had tremendous stories I mean it! Reminiscing with him was the highlight of the show which you can listen to every weekday from 10 AM to 1PM. Also the full conversation is above and he talks about the Bucky Dent home run from 1978 as well as what Ichiro was first like when he came over in 2001 for the Seattle Mariners. And if you every had any doubt of how competitive Piniella was, find out what it felt like beating the Yankees in the playoffs in 1995. How about working for the Boss too? Yeah Lou let us know his thoughts on working for George Steinbrenner as well!

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