The Yankees signed DiDi Gregorius in the off-season with the tall order of filling the show of Derek Jeter at shortstop. On Tuesday, the Yankees former captain spoke about Gregorius. 


"Yeah I have spoken to Didi, I have," said Jeter, on the campus of Siena College. "He's doing a great job as well ... I'm well aware that he is doing well."

After struggling both offensively and defensively in the first half of the season, Gregorius has come around in the month of July. Through the last four weeks, he's hitting over .317 with a .786 OPS.

With a rough start to the season, Gregorius struggled both at the plate and defensively, which was highlighted as his strength coming in. A lot of the critique was that adapting to the New York spotlight simply takes some time.

“I don’t know any different, so I couldn’t answer that one," said Jeter.

Jeter was in Albany this past week as a part of The Turn 2 Foundation's annual leadership workshop with the young Jeter's Leaders.  

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