The Jets are the biggest Wild Card team in this upcoming NFL Draft. What they do with the number 2 pick will really affect what happens with the rest of the teams. The debate has been clear from the beginning, should the Jets move on from Sam Darnold and take a QB early in the draft or keep the 4th year man out of USC and take a playmaker or offensive lineman with their first 1st round pick.

Well Brian Costello was pretty firm in what he believes will happen with Gang Green. Listen above and see some of the things he mentioned below:

  • Costello thinks Zach Wilson will be a New York Jet and will be taken with the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Joe Douglas said he was taking calls on Darnold which signaled to Costello that he is ready to move on from the QB.
  • An interesting thing about Wilson and the Jets is the fact that until his first Pro Day on Friday, the Jets have not seen him throw at all in person. That is something that is because of Covid but still makes in an interesting twist in the storyline.
  • The pick of Wilson is risky for many reasons, the biggest being about the competition he played at BYU. In fact, there was a competition at QB for the Cougars that he won because he was so bad in the previous season.
  • With Flacco to Philadelphia, they will need to bring in a backup. C.J. Beathard might make the most sense with the 49er connection with Saleh and LaFleur.

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