The defending Home Run Derby champion will not defend his title at this year's event according to reports. says neither 2017 Home Run Derby champion New York Yankee All Star Aaron Judge and his teammate 2016 Home Run Derby champion Giancarlo Stanton will not be contestant's in this year's event. Stanton said this to

"I don’t think so. Take a year off, take two years off, if I want."

Judge seemed to have his focus on the rest of the 2018 season for this year's Yankee team.

"This year we’ve got something special going. I kind of said I’m not going…and I want to stay healthy"


Don't forget you can hear the entire 2018 Home Run Derby on 1045 The Team ESPN Radio at 8pm on Monday July 16th. Would you have liked to see Stanton and Judge return to compete against one another as teammates in this year's event? Should they have participated in this year's event? Let us know below.

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