Unless there is a piece to the puzzle we are missing, the Golden State Warriors are winning the NBA championship for at least the next two seasons. Who is beating them? Not Cleveland, and unless the Spurs land Chris Paul, they will come up short again too. Kevin Durant averaged more than 30 points a game in each of the five games against the Cavs. He was the piece of the puzzle Golden State was missing and now you can let the dynasty begin.

The narrative all offseason will be about what the Cavaliers can do to try to stack up to the Warriors, but with three bad contracts on their hands, you can almost all but consider those hands tied. Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith could all prove to be difficult to deal because of the money attached to each. A Spurs team, even with Chris Paul, may not be enough, but Golden State isn't the first "super team" we've seen in the NBA and it won't be the last. Fans may say they don't like it, but the numbers would prove otherwise based on the TV ratings from these playoffs and specifically the NBA Finals.

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