Well, that was fun. If you missed the Mets - Dodgers Game 3 pre-game, you missed a lot.

First off, Chase Utley was introduced to the Citi Field crowd after breaking the leg of Ruben Tejada on Saturday night. Utley is suspended by MLB for two games, but is currently appealing the decision and under the official rules, Utley can play until a decision on the appeal is made.

Therefore, he was dressed for pre-game, announced with the team, and let's just say that the Mets faithful noticed he was there:

Speaking of Tejada, in a really cool moment, he was introduced with the Mets lineup and slowly walked out from the dugout:

Then, if that wasn't enough excitement, as Harvey was about to throw the first pitch of the game, Don Mattingly came running out of the dugout. The umpires stopped the game, the entire crew gathered around. It took over 5 minutes to solve the problem and in an even more mysterious manner, no one knew what happened until the half inning was over, when Jon Heyman explained:

With that being said, who's ready for same Game 3 baseball, Mets fans!?

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