Time again to break down the week's NFL action without breaking down our bankroll. Last week ended my hot streak with a 0 - 2 - 1 outing. So my season total is a very unremarkable 21 - 19 - 2. Time to go back to what has been working for me this season, backing the road teams.

Seahawks -6 at Panthers

The Seahawks will be looking to keep pace with the 49ers and hopefully take back the NFC West lead. The Panthers are a talented team in disarray with a sub par QB. I'll take the Seahawks.

Seahawks -6

Dolphins at Giants -3.5

The Dolphins play every week to win. The fact that they haven't quit yet is amazing. The Giants haven't put a full game together in weeks. Plus I really don't know who's starting at QB for Big Blue.

Dolphins +3.5

Bills at Steelers -2

Steelers have played far better than a team with a third string QB should. The Bills are really well coached just like the Steelers but have Josh Allen.

Bills +2

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