Dwayne Killings is the new head coach for the men’s basketball team at the University at Albany. Killings checks a lot of boxes, including his ability to recruit at a high level. That’s what he’s done at for the past 3 seasons at Marquette, before that Temple and UConn.  The 39 year old Killings has a lot of the same qualities that Paul Hewitt had when he took over the Siena program after being the top assistant coach for 5 years at Villanova. Hewitt was a great hire at Siena. Everyone who knows Killings says he’s more ready to be a head coach, and the UAlbany job is a perfect fit. Killings still has a chance to keep some of the current UA players from transferring, and after they read his resume and meet him, they might want to be a part of the future.

Some of the other things that we have heard about Dwayne Killings include:

  • Marquette fans and others around that program were upset to see Killings go because he was one of the positives of the direction of a 13-14 Marquette team in the Big East. His recruiting there was top notch and leaves the Golden Eagles to wonder where they will be going now.
  • I was told he is going to kill it on the media platform. Radio, tv, the press conferences, all of it he will be able to win it all with a big smile all polished and ready for what the media will throw at him.
  • He is a class act and players are going to like playing for him. On paper, it looks like he checks all of the boxes.

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