This video is definitely worth a look.  A New York Mets fan takes a legendary spill.  The video is also only nine seconds long.  It's like an evening with Brian Cady (cue rimshot).

I've watched this video about 20 times just to gauge whether this guy actually trips or if this is just an act.  It initially looks very fake to me, but after watching the video over and over again, I'm confident that this guy actually trips legitimately.  If you look closely, the guy looks to his left just before bumping into another fan. 

I don't think this guy actually saw the other fan although he was standing directly in front of him.  Plus, it looks like the guy only spilled empty cups.  This could be a classic case of empty-cup-collector guy, who looks eccentric, that is in the middle of doing weird things.  I deem this video legit.  He doesn't look like the type to stage a fake tripping while SNY is about to go to a commercial break.  This is real.  What do you think?

UPDATE*** This is an unprecedented turn of events. It turns out that this knucklehead actually staged a fake fall about two years ago at a Mets game. I totally fell for it. I wonder if this means that the real estate on the Brooklyn Bridge is a bad investment too.

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