Philadelphia Phillies' broadcaster Scott Franzke recently became very frustrated about Mets' outfielder Scott Hairston.  Get your earmuffs out for the young ones.


Mets' outfielder Scott Hairston has enjoyed plenty of success this season against the Philadelphia Phillies.  Hairston has hit five home runs against Philly this year.  Hairston's success got under the skin of Phillies' TV broadcaster Scott Franzke.  The play-by-play announcer let loose after Hairston hit a home run against the Phillies on July 4th.

The Phillies actually beat the Mets on the 4th of July, 9-2.  However, Scott Franzke still came unglued when Scott Hairston went yard against the Phils.  The funny thing is that this type of behavior is actually endearing to most of the Phillies' fanbase.  Even if you're a Phillies' fan that doesn't use the same language that Franzke used, you have most likely been frustrated to point that you've raised your voice at the TV before.  Franzke should be way more professional than this, but I can definitely appreciate his passion.  I'm sure Scott Hairston would get a kick out of this audio also.

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