For the Mets to suspended Matt Harvey had to be the final straw not just one mistake or one miscommunication. If this were a first time offense, Harvey would not have been suspended for not showing up for work. It certainly would not have made the back pages. Moving forward Harvey better figure it out, because the rest of the teams in Major League Baseball are watching. If Harvey wants another big payday in 2018, he better get his act together.

The right arm of Matt Harvey has always held a great amount of potential. His head, on the other hand, leaves teammates, management and fans wondering. Wondering if that's what ends up holding Harvey back from being a dominant pitcher. His career record, 31-30, cannot be ignored or inflated into calling the 28-year old a big ticket, top of the rotation ace right now. Harvey will get his day in free agency, but will he and agent Scott Boras get the contract they've been banking on for a few years now?

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