Rio promised the International Olympic Committee that they would clean up their polluted waters. They lied.

That's what they said in 2009 but since then, it's become an even more disgusting situation. As of this week, scientists say that there's a 99% chance that you could be infected in some way if you swim in these waters.

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Greenberg has sent out a challenge to the IOC:

"Personally, I am going to do everything I can to bring attention to it ... To all the athletes who have worked their whole lives to compete in this should not be subjected to this, it’s a disgrace.

"Not one member of the IOC executive board would take his family swimming in that water. And I am inviting the executive board to take their families to this water and go for a swim. I want video of that."

ESPN's Jeremy Schapp joined Mike and Mike on Friday morning and said, "at some point there's no turning back". Since '09, Brazil has hit economic hard times, which has assisted in Rio only attempting to treat 50% of their waters, despite claiming they would be able to treat 80% of it.

Even so, the current water conditions will put all Olympians next summer at risk for headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and more.

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