Rob Keefe has resigned as the head coach and president of Football Operations for the Albany Empire. He made the announcement on his Twitter page this morning. You can find that statement below:

This is horrible news for the new arena football team and this is confirming the doubts I had about this team. This is not going to be the same Albany Empire we saw two seasons ago. I was skeptical at first until coach Keefe was brought in but now I have my doubts yet again. This team has no marketing plan and seemingly no budget to deal with.

I have confirmed with a source that Rob Keefe was in Albany last week and meet with General Manger of the Times Union Center, Bob Belber, as well as the owners of the Empire and that meeting did not have much resolution to it. The result has lead to the surprising news of today and with coach making it clear he would come back to Albany, this is clearly an organization issue.

With all that being said, the organization needs to go to work now. They need a new head coach as soon as possible and a marketing leader to get the Capital Region ready to go for the season. We have no clue what the roster really looks like and the season is set to begin on May 22nd. Practices are going to have to begin and players will need to get settled. This could be a disaster if this issues are not addressed immediately.

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