Speak with any of Will Remillard's coaches, past and present, and you'll get a very similar response: he's one of the smartest, best defensive and sure-handed catchers they've ever worked with.

Speaking more loudly than words is the patience being shown by the Chicago Cubs franchise. Remillard has dealt with a couple of injuries and missed significant time since the Cubs drafted him, but they continue to keep faith with the former 10th rounder out of Coastal Carolina.

Remillard has endured those injuries including Tommy John surgery and the La Salle grad is now at the Cubs' AAA affiliate in Iowa. He's a former NewsChannel 13 athlete of the week with a brother, Zach, also in the minors; for the organization across town, the White Sox.

At 25-years old and one step away from the majors, Remillard joined Rodger and Chris on Big Board Sports to talk about his journey:

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