Things you might not know about double MVP Golden State’s Steph Curry:

1. His first name is Wardell
2. His favorite player is Muggsy Bogueles of Charoltte
3. His nicknames include: Threezus, Human Torch, and Chef Curry
4. He has such a baby face he was once carded trying to get into an R-rated movie.

His 17 points in overtime during yesterday's game is an NBA record. He also could not get into some of the top powerhouse basketball colleges. As for yesterday's game, Curry said he had to get back in and play because he hated being out the first several games. The guy is just amazing and his clean-cut image is helping to reverse the bad image of the NBA.

On a side note, we are still checking if 2017 Air Jordan's are actually going to be sold for $19.99. More will be reveled in coming blogs.

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