Voice of the Yankees, John Sterling, heard his walk-off call of Derek Jeter's final at-bat with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team.

"Why is that man screaming?" Sterling joked, on Friday afternoon. "It’s great for a broadcaster but it’s almost surreal, it’s hard to believe that it actually happened. You have to drink in … this phenomenal love for Derek Jeter. I’ve never seen an athlete so celebrated.”

Sterling went on to tell a story (2:35 mark) of how he gave Jeter a gift after the game, on the flight to Boston.

“I went to the back of the plane where Jeter sits and I gave him my scorecard," said an emotional Sterling. "He was very taken by it. He said, ‘Thank you, John’.”

Derek Jeter's final game of his career can be heard on 104.5 The Team this Sunday, with a first pitch of 1:35pm.