Boston Red Sox fans know the value of their once banished manager, Alex Cora, to the success of their franchise. Cora admitted his guilt in the Houston Astros cheating scandal, served his suspension and moved on. Friday, the once villain of Major League Baseball, led his team against his former team that was accused of cheating in the American League Championship Series. You almost couldn't have made it up.

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So with the success the Red Sox have enjoyed with Cora, should the New York Mets or maybe some other Major League franchise once again look at Beltran, who has always been considered one of the brightest minds in baseball? The New York Post's Ken Davidoff says Alex Cora might think so. According to an article by Davidoff, the Red Sox manager opined, “It’s just a matter of [getting] somebody to talk to him [about a managerial opening], go through the process and see what happens. But if somebody gave him a chance [previously] to become a big league manager, there’s a reason, right? Hopefully that happens to him.”

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Alex Cora and former Astors manager A.J. Hinch have both returned to the helm as Major League Managers following their respective one year suspensions. As the New York Post recounted in the article, "on Nov. 10 last year, Cora, having been rehired by the Red Sox following the end of his suspension, held his mea culpa moment, proclaiming in a Zoom news conference: “I want to make sure everybody knows that this situation is part of who I am for the rest of my career. As a man, I have to deal with it.” He also answered a number of queries pertaining to details of both the 2017 mess as well as the 2018 Bosox mini-sign-stealing scandal, which cost the franchise a draft pick and a replay operator."

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Alex Cora and A.J. Hinch paid the price for a severe integrity infraction. However, they paid their price. It is time to move on. It may be time to give Carlos Beltran a chance to move on.

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