The Giants are going to be in the mix to win the division this year and in my mind they should win this division. I know others are picking Washington or Dallas but when all is said and done, it is an extremely winnable division for the G-men. Sal Paolantonio joined us to and weighed in on the subject but felt confident in their free agent moves but thinks Daniel Jones can lead this team to the playoffs if this formula is followed:

  • He is not crazy about Jason Garrett's offense but it is good enough meshed up with Daniel Jones with the new weapons.
  • It is also important for Jones to limit the turnovers, something he did later in the 2020 season.
  • They need to protect the quarterback and give him many options with the football to give him enough time to make the right play. This was exemplified by the Tampa Bay Bucs run to the Super Bowl.
  • If they shrink the field for him and protect him, they will get 9 or 10 wins this season.

Sal Pal also weighed in on the Jets decision at number 2 in the draft. It is clear the drafts like Zach Wilson but they want to make sure he is healthy and are checking everything twice or thrice. All signs point to Wilson at 2 right now and Saleh and company coming from San Francisco that they want a more mobile quarterback. They learned their lesson in having a QB in Jimmy Garoppolo that doesn't move out of the pocket and Wilson presents the ability to move and make great plays on the run. With Justin Fields looking good on his pro day, maybe the decision is more difficult but right now the BYU product is in the spotlight for Gang Green.

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