I received a graduation announcement from my buddy Blake Novacek today that absolutely blew my mind.

First of all, Blake - you're the man. You're going to do big things at the University of Oklahoma and we look forward to you becoming a future sports radio star so that you can eventually take Levack's job (wait, what?).

Whenever I graduated from high school in 2002, I thought that I had a pretty sweet graduation announcement that included the official card invite from the school, and a pretty striking photo of myself (and my tuba, of course):

via Armen's Mom

Then today, I got Blake's announcement ... holy crud-monkeys! So this is how we're rolling in 2015 with the graduation announcements?! Pretty impressive, man! It's like part of an exhibit at a museum! Again, deserving. But still ... blew. my mind.

Attention: I want to see your graduation announcements. E-mail them to me. Armen@1045theteam.com. And congratulations to all the 2015 high school grads!