Someone should tell RPI that it’s time to start playing sports again, or at least practicing. Every college team in the country has it figured it out, but at RPI the athletes are still locked up in their dorm rooms. Makes no sense. The infection numbers are going down, the climate is better than ever, and the top sport and money maker men’s hockey has already lost some of their top players to other schools, and more are headed to the portal. Time to return to the ice, before the program that head coach Dave Smith has done a tremendous job in turning around, takes an even bigger hit. What are they waiting for?

Speaking of college sports and teams that have played and are getting through a season, I cannot wait for tonight's Siena game versus Iona. It’s only fitting that Siena’s quarterfinal matchup Wednesday is against Head Coach Rick Pitino and Iona. It’s the perfect headline, but Pitino doesn’t play and Siena has the better team and they are extremely well coached by Carmen Maciarello. The postseason history against Iona does not favor Siena, not even close. Saints are 0-10 against the Gaels. But there is a reason why Siena is the No.1 seed, and if they don’t worry about whose coaching Iona and just play their game, they will win and advance.

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