Coach Will Brown has been the man pacing the court and coaching up the UAlbany Great Danes for 20 years and this season will present at least two firsts. I actually thought that after being a successful head coach for 20 years Coach Brown wouldn't be a huge fan of change and the new challenges it presents but you can hear in Coach Brown's voice he not only doesn't have an issue with these changes, he's excited to face them.

Challenge one is the reported schedule guidelines in the America East. For the first time, teams will play the same opponent back to back on weekends. This plan will reduce travel but will also present coaching issues. There will be familiarity issues and Coach points out "What if your A and B plans don't work on Saturday?" The fun part was you can actually hear the excitement in his voice when he thinks about how different it'll be.

Challenge two is Will Brown will not be the only member of the Brown household on the Great Danes Men's Basketball team this year. Coach Brown will be tasked with coaching Jackson Brown, his son. I get the feeling that not only is Will brown excited to get back to work but he seems just plain happy with his son on the roster and the challenges the new schedule presents. Good Luck Coach!

Listen to Coach Will Brown's full interview with Levack and Goz below.


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