I applaud the New York Racing Association for the temporary suspension of Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert. At some point it does not make any difference what’s on his resume, it’s more about what he’s done over the past year. Five of his horses have tested positive for drugs or excessive steroid use in a post-race test, and that’s unacceptable. The latest came on May 1st with Kentucky Derby Winner Medina. With this ruling NYRA sends a very strong message to all trainers who are trying to cheat the game, that you better stop before you get caught. NYRA said they were adopting a zero tolerance policy, and it starts with Baffert.

We discussed this topic this morning on Big Board Sports which you can listen to above. Some of the additional points we made are listed below:

  • Something like the suspension of Bob Baffert needs to be done in order to uphold the integrity of the sport. If we are going to try and clean up the image of horse racing, everyone needs to be held accountable especially the ones who are at the top of the game like Baffert is.
  • The final determination of Baffert's suspension will come out when the second test comes back to Churchill Downs. Right now he is suspended indefinitely but an overall time table will be determined when that test comes through which will also decide the winner of the Kentucky Derby.
  • Linda Rice also was in trouble after a report came out about inside information she may have had. Her suspension could be 3 years. She has appealed.

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