Now that the Yankees have won two in Toronto with a Sunday matinee looming, there still has to be concerns with how solid the Blue Jays have become within the last two weeks. 

“They do look like baseball’s most complete team,” said Buster Olney, to Armen and Levack. And the fact that they were able to make up so much ground in such a short amount of time, a lot of that is because of the Yankees offense but most of it is because the Blue Jays are playing so great.

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“You got a David Price at the front of your rotation, and the rotation looks a lot different when you have a legit number one. They have some improvements in the bullpen. They have Tulo in the lineup and with Donaldson going off they are without a doubt a dangerous team.”

When speaking to Armen and Levack this Thursday, Olney threw down some fighting words, on the home for New York Sports and New York Yankees baseball:

“I picked the Orioles when the series started but how could you not pick the Jays with where we are now? Sorry about that Levack.”

This week, Las Vegas picked the Blue Jays for the favorite, not just in the division, but all of baseball - that's right, to win the World Series.

Since Olney’s talk on Friday, the Yankees have won the last two games against the Blue Jays and have gone from a half game back, to now a game and a half ahead.

Grab some Maalox. This will be a battle to October.

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