These Buffalo Bills are making a deep run and giving themselves a real shot at making the NFL playoffs this season.  They are on a roll lately and have been since they got rid of Ken Dorsey as the offensive coordinator.  Joe Brady has taken over and it's been a game changer.  He was the OC back with the unreal 2019 LSU team with Joe Burrow as quarterback.  He has completely changed this offense and has lifted a big weight off of Josh Allen's shoulders.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

The Buffalo Bills will be a very dangerous team if they make the playoffs. It's taken a good portion of the season for Buffalo to figure it out, but they have figured it out. Quarterback Josh Allen has cut down on his turnovers the running game has emerged with James Cook and a new offensive coordinator. The defense has figured it out Matt Milano. The Bills schedule is favorable the rest of the way playing the Chargers and Patriots in each of the last 3 week along with a season ending road game at Miami.

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The remaining three games are winnable and they still have a chance to beat the Miami Dolphins for the division if Miami drops one and the Bills win out.  The Bills destroyed the Cowboys in a dominating display and ran it down their throats.  It was by far and away their best and most impressive defensive performance of the season.  I would not want to see the Bills in the playoffs that is for sure.

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