All I have been hearing from inside sources regarding the Arena Football League is negative which is not good.  We've got teams that now can't even field a roster and games being cancelled which truly is very unfortunate.  The Albany Firebirds are completely clean in all of this as they have their ducks in a row and ownership is very smart and in a great spot.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:
The Arena Football League is a mess right now and let's hope it does not affect teams like the Albany Firebirds who have their organization running smoothly from top to bottom but unfortunately it already has. It was so encouraging to see close to 5 thousand fans turn out for the Firebirds season opener but since then Iowa, Georgia, and Philadelphia have either folded or suspended operations. Monday's night Firebirds home game was canceled because of issues with Minnesota and Sunday's home game at MVP Arena with Philadelphia won't happen either. The Arena Football League started out with 16 teams but very quickly one by one that number has dwindled. Let's hope the league can stop the bleeding because the Firebirds are back and so is their fan base.
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I hope the league can salvage the season because Albany fans deserve this after everything that transpired last year with Antonio Brown.  They have a talented team and a great head coach in Damon Ware.  I am confident games will continue to be played and the Albany Firebirds will be one of the top teams.

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