The Yankees bullpen was talked about as their major strength heading into the season. With recent falter, can we still refer to it as so?

"Well it definitely is a strength if those guys are okay," said ESPN's Buster Olney. "If those guys are throwing the way that their capable of, but as we talked about in recent weeks, Betances’s performance has eroded in the second half.  He is having a harder time throwing strikes and you have to believe some of it is related to the fact that he has been pitched so much.


"They are going to have Adam Warren added to their bullpen at least for the wildcard game, that will give them more length between Warren and Wilson and Betances and Miller.  That’s a pretty good group, in fact you could probably match that group against any in baseball, but the Yankees don’t have many advantages over some of the teams that are going to be in the playoffs in the American League.

"And that’s why I thought all along they should absolutely do everything they can to protect the one part of the team that might be better than the bullpens of other teams."

The tandem of Warren, Betances and Miller will be what the Yankees will want to rely on this post-season. How reliable will they be? It all depends how quickly the Pinstripes can secure home field advantage for the one-game wild card.

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