The Albany Dutchmen season begins this Thursday, June 3rd and there is excitement brewing in the Capital Region. It is not only because of their new home field but it is also because of all of the local connections to the team. The manager of the team is Nick Davey and he joined Big Board Sports to discuss everything going on with the team. You can listen to the full interview above but the key takeaway from the interview was why he is so excited about this team in particular.

The most interesting part and the thing that Davey likes the most is the fact they have 16 Section II players on this team which is the most this team has ever had on their roster. There are 3 kids returning for their 3rd year which is unheard of. The team looks very athletic and the skipper thinks they will be able to run the bases effectively. He also likes the mix between the veteran players and young guys. The guys from the bigger programs like Louisville and Ole Miss are going to need some time to get their feet underneath them and the older guys like Evan Fox, Tom Kretzler and Ryan McGee are going to be leaned on.

Coach Davey addresses plenty more in the interview above including why exactly this is a record breaking year in terms of local talent, a Capital Region comparison for the ages of a current Section II player to a former one and also the skipper's fun take on swinging on 3-0.

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