ESPN's Adam Schefter defended his decision to release Jason Pierre-Paul's medical records, on 104.5 The Team.

"I made the decision that he was a public figure, that this was newsworthy, and I was going to go ahead and post it," said Schefter, with Albany's afternoon drive show, Armen and Levack.

"The reaction has really surprised me. I understand people's objections and feelings and I see why they feel like they do, but ... he didn't go to the hospital, as we see with other players, to be treated for some sort of disease, illness.

"I think that everybody knew he was involved in a public fireworks incident where he had been posting pictures on Twitter about fireworks. Not even his own team knew what was going on, it was a great mystery.

"I made the decision to go with the story, I still think I made the right decision. It wasn’t an easy decision and I see that a lot of people disagree with it and I see their side. But my job was to go after that."

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