It's Mets pitcher Matt Harvey's first season back since having Tommy John surgery in 2013. It recently came out that doctors recommended a 180-innings cap. Meanwhile, currently at 164 innings, the Mets have made it clear they're going to blow past that. 


"If you have the foremost medical experts in the world, telling the team you need to limit this player to 180 innings, who exactly and what’s the ethical responsibility of the team to honor that?" said Buster Olney, to Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team.

"Because in a parallel world, if you had a player in the NFL coming back from a concussion and the doctor said you need to follow this protocol, would you have teams now ignoring that? Absolutely not.

"If he’s coming back from a broken leg and the doctor said, ‘Well you need to limit him to x, y and z in terms of his activity’, would anyone think about blowing past those recommendations or ignoring them? No."

The Mets claim that they have been in close consultation with Harvey's doctors and that there has never been a specific cap limit placed on 'The Dark Knight'.

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