Mathew Dellavedova was a hot topic throughout the Cavs - Hawks series as he was involved in collisions that knocked out Kyle Corver for the postseason and instigated Al Horford reacting with a Flagrant 2 Foul, which ejected him from the game. 

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It's clear that from the Atlanta Hawks perspective, as chronicled by radio play-by-play voice Steve Holman, during Game 4's 118-88 blowout and complete of the sweep, the Hawks have a certain opinion of Dellavedova.

ESPN Basketball Analyst Jeff Goodman joined Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team with his belief that Dellavedova is simply an aggressive player.

"You can't blame a kid for diving on the floor, can you?" said Goodman, on Tuesday.  "The kid's diving and playing hard, he's not out there to hurt anybody.

"Dellavedova has to play harder and tougher just to keep a job in the NBA. He shouldn't even be in the NBA according to most people. He's got to dive for every loose ball. He has to play tougher than everybody else. He's earned his spot because of the edge that he plays with and his tenacity.

"I don't think he's dirty at all but when you get tied up in a few altercations or hurt a few people, that's what happens."

Dellavedova and the Cavs punched their ticket to the NBA Finals with a four-game sweep of the Hawks.