It's France and Croatia for it all on Sunday. The blinged-out version French midfielder Paul Pogba was splashed across the cover of ESPN the Magazine prior to the World Cup, but the arrival of France in the final comes with an element of surprise. Ditto, and to a greater degree, for Croatia.

The singular stars of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar were sent home earlier than expected and defending champion Germany fell flat as a whole. So, where does that leave us? With one of the most exciting, drama-filled World Cups ever, that's where.

France's Kylian Mbappe has not only stepped into the spotlight, he has a stranglehold on it. The 19-year old sensation has made his presence known to even the lukewarmest of soccer fans. Croatia, meanwhile, has heard the clock strike midnight a number of times and yet they continue on. Croatia has won three straight games by way of either extra time goals or a shootout.

There is no one better to break down this World Cup and preview the matchup in the final than Fox Sports soccer analyst and former U.S. men's national team midfielder Cobi Jones:

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