The New York Jets got an ugly win this past Sunday over the Denver Broncos.  Zach Wilson didn't look sharp by any means but at least they won the game.  His clock management at the end of the first half was absolutely pathetic and so was the late throw he made.  Denver is awful so Jet fans need to calm down and Zach Wilson still has way more to prove in order to earn the respect of New York Jet fans moving forward.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:

It certainly wasn’t anything special, but New York Jets Zach Wilson did exactly what he needed to do for his team to win the game on Sunday at Denver. Wilson’s numbers were average but running back Breece Hall had a monster game and that’s good coaching by offensive coordinator Paul Hackett who wanted to prove a point to Denver head coach Sean Payton who made disparaging remarks about the job Hackett did as head coach of the Broncos. The Jets aren’t going too the playoffs with Wilson at quarterback, but he's proven he can follow the game plan and beat a bad team. Philadelphia is a very good team and that's who the Jets host on Sunday.

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Next up for the Jets in week six are the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Jets have never beaten the Eagles and a a career 0 for 12 against them the only team they have never defeated.  I highly doubt that changes on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.  But you certainly hope that Zach Wilson plays better and continues to steadily improve.

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