Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim joined Rodger Wyland and "The Closer" Brian Mariano on Big Board Sports on Wednesday to discuss NBA draft, NBA super teams and his upcoming Syracuse roster. But the most interesting thing coach Boeheim had to say was about the NCAA sanctions handed down to Louisville last week. Here is what coach had to say..

"Obviously,   when somebody does something like that there is going to be repercussions and I don’t believe Rick Pitino knew about it but it still happened .. I didn’t know about somebody putting quotations in a paper at Syracuse but it happened. So, you know we’re going to take the hits for it. We took our hits, you know Louisville is taking their hits. Um.. I don’t like it, and there’s not much you can do about it, but when you go back and say well this player is ineligible because of what happened here now you forfeit all these games and things, and at the time you didn’t know he would be ineligible. So it’s’s kinda.. its a hard rule, you know, I don’t know the solution but when you go back and the school, the player didn’ know nobody knew they were gonna be made ineligible and then they're made ineligible what? 10 years later? Or  how many years later has it been ,probably not 10 but 7. Um, then, you know, you take away games and I think that’s difficult. I think you have to punish schools but when you start taking games away I think its.. its.. its uh something I don’t have the solution for but I don’t like that particular part of the punishment. But uh Louisville’s fine, they’ll be fine, they have good players, and they’ll be real good this year. And uh they’ll recover from this."

Do you agree with Coach? Check out the entire interview below.

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