ESPN's Buster Olney was at Wrigley Field for the Mets sweep over the Cubs and got reaction from everyone involved within the New York organization. 

Jon Durr

"I bumped into a scout here at the airport, and they were just talking about how the Mets did absolutely everything right," said Olney, to "Armen and Levack".  "So they were fired up, but the people who really got my attention were all the Mets fans who stayed afterwards to share in the celebration.

"I’m sure you guys saw the video of Terry Collins spraying Champaign on them and they were absolutely going nuts.  It turns out they made up a lot bigger portion of the crowd than I would have guessed."

Earlier in the year, Olney said on 104.5 The Team that the Mets fan base were the most influential in all of baseball with the way that they were vocal and forced the team to make many moves at the deadline, including the one for Yoenis Cespedes.