Pacers guard Lance Stephenson said that Larry Bird asked him to quit the antics heading into Game 6 and before the game, Stephenson said he would oblige.

But then actually being able to show self-restraint apparently was too much for Stephenson who was a brat in Game 6 on Friday night once again:

Here's another view of Stephenson touching Lebron in the face:

Of course, all of this is stemming from the strange blow to the ear in Game 5.

There weren't enough antics that could keep the Pacers competitive against the Heat on Friday in a 117-92 series clinching victory for Miami.

While Stephenson, who made the All-Star team this year, has vastly improved this season, his selfish goofy decisions on the court have brought doubt to whether or not the Pacers want to re-sign the free agent.